Midea water heater D15-02 YA2

Midea Water Heater D15-02 YA2 electricity-saving anti-bacterial

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You need a water heater ??

Buy and get water heater Midea latest quality and at affordable prices for you .....

Midea Electric Water Heaters - D15 02YA2

Water capacity: 15 Liter / 200watt
Dimensions: 18 x 157 mm

- New Titanium enamel tank
- New Titanium enamel element
- For UV resistance against this product housing dilinilai 5
- This product has a large size in magnesium anode


Information prroduk:
• Midea available should the water heater with temperature setting and Heating Elements that will make it easy for you to heat up the water.
• Has a very strong press that is suitable for multi-storey buildings. The water heater will turn off automatically if the heat had already peaked. Now, in the cold weather even if you do not have to bother and worry if it does not get hot water in a short time.
• Stainless Steel
You do not have to worry as Midea Water Heater is made of Stainless Steel anti-rust so that the water heater will remain protected.

Capacity 15 LWater Heater of Midea has a water capacity of 15 liters with stainless steel and equipped with High-density polyurethane insulation.
The latest product in 2015 Midea Water Heater

Why should choose a water heater Midea:

6 latest product advantages Midea water heater other than the following:

1. Model is sleek and modern design
2. Equipped panel interactive displays to determine the temperature of the water.
3. Match the longest up to 7 years
4. Faster produce hot water than other water heater. It saves the electric usage by up to 20%
5. Equipped with sensors antibacterial of Japan (admittedly SIAA), which works to kill bacteria up to 99.9%. And making the water produced by the water heater Midea cleaner and healthier, so it is safe for your skin and hair.
6. Material tank is made of Titanium.

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Midea water heater D15-02 YA2

Midea water heater D15-02 YA2

Midea Water Heater D15-02 YA2 electricity-saving anti-bacterial

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